Hitting Tips/ Videos (NEW)

Hitting is hard work, but with dedication and confidence greatness can be achieved. Here at The Cages training facility, we strive to help improve your child's performance in baseball or softball. 

Here are some hitting drills and videos that were taken at The Cages Training Facility courtesy of Evan White Hitting:

One Handed Soft Toss Drill:

This is a challenging drill that helps improve bat quickness and your overall swing. Use both your left and right hand for this drill. Most of you will notice that you are stronger with either your left or right hand. This is because people have a dominant hand that is usually stronger than the other. By practicing this drill during your time at The Cages, it will help you focus on the ball more and get you stronger!

Tee Drills:

Working off a tee is one of the most important things for baseball and softball players to do. However, only proper mechanics will help them truly improve their swings. Watch this video to the left and see an example of the high tee drill and proper mechanics! Even Major League players use the tee!

Kneeling Two Hand Soft Toss Drill:

This is a great drill that focuses on your upper body. The goal of this hitting drill is to work on having quick hands to the baseball/softball and creating bat speed. We want to see great rotation through the baseball/softball. Lunging or taking big strides can have a negative effect on your swing. With this drill, we take that away and only focus on our upper body supplying the power.

While bunting might seem less fun than hitting, is EXTREMELY important! It can help a team when a championship game by advancing the runners, or it can help create momentum for your team. Bunting is such a BIG part of baseball and softball,  BUNT ON!!!

Front Hand Soft Toss (bouncing balls):
This is a fun drill for  baseball and softball players. By bouncing the ball, the players have to wait back on the pitch, a common problem with baseball and softball players. We still want to stay short to the ball, and drive it up the middle. Check out some of the hitting tips in this video, and watch how you can get power by waiting back on the pitch.

Below are hitting tips that can be utilized at our batting cages/hitting center:

1. Make sure that you find a bat that you can handle and swing with. Too many baseball and softball players start off at a disadvantage because of bats that are too heavy or too long.

(The Cages training center is a great place to try out different bats to see which one feels most comfortable. Our batting cages offer varying machines that will help you find that special bat.)

2. Look for a good pitch to hit.

(At our baseball/softball batting cage, you will get tons of opportunities to find those good pitches!)

3. Approach every at bat with a plan in mind. This can be practicing hitting up the middle, or waiting on pitching to drive the balls to the opposite field.

(Our training center gives every hitter a chance to improve in a low-stress environment. The Cages training facility allows batters to practice their game and succeed)

4. Practice using the whole playing field. The more well rounded you are as a baseball player the better results you will see.

(The Cages indoor batting cage facility is a perfect place to practice driving the ball to all parts of the field.)

5. Don't be afraid to change parts of your swing. Every great baseball player has tweaked their swing hundreds of times. Find what feels comfortable, but be willing to try new things.

(The time to change your swing it not on game day, but rather during practice. Here at our batting cages, you are expected to try out new things. Don't be afraid of change!)

6. It's quality over quantity. Make sure that you are taking quality swings. It is not about how many swings you take, it is about how good each swing is.

(One of the best things about our facility is that you can take 5 swings or 500 swings. This Arizona batting cage gives the player the opportunity to choose how many swings he or she wants.)

7. Practice tracking the ball. This should be done by watching the ball right out of the pitchers/machines hand. Try to see the spin of the ball. This will help you recognize off-speed pitches. Bunting balls will also help track the ball.

(Like mentioned earlier, repetition is important in baseball. Here at our indoor batting cage you will be given an opportunity to see many pitches. Take a few and track them!)

8. Hitting off a tee is one of the most important things you can do. While this might seem boring, it will help perfect your swing. Bring some music to keep you entertained!

(At our facility, we have live machines and tees. Try out both! First practice off the tee at The Cages and then work your way to the live machines.)

9. Learn your strengths as a hitter. Every hitter has a strength and this strength should be capitalized. However, don't forget about your weaknesses. These are just as important to improve on.

(Here at The Cages you can focus on your strengths and improve on your weaknesses. Whether you are a softball player or a baseball player, everyone can improve.)

10. A positive attitude make all the difference! Have confidence when you are up to bat and good things will happen.

The Cages Facility Staff