Evan White Testimonials

Below are testimonials from my past and current players that I have/had trained:

-“Jon is so happy and excited (made his school team)! Don’t know how to thank you for giving him what he needed to try out with confidence. He is starting at 2nd and his coach told him he was the biggest improvement in any kid that said they wanted to play baseball after being cut the first time!” (Mother of Jon age 12)

-“Sami had a good tryout. She looks really good. Thanks!” (Father of Sami age 9)

-"After my son worked with Evan White, his hitting improved and he helped his team win their next two tournaments!" (Father of Jack age 12)

-“Matthew made the team (Chaparral freshman team)! Thanks for all your work with him.” (Father of Matt age 14)

-"I would recommend Evan White to anyone looking for a hitting coach who possesses a deep knowledge of the game of baseball. Evan not only understands the proper mechanics of hitting a baseball but also has the skill to communicate his knowledge in a comprehensible and positive manner. Evan truly cares about his students becoming the best hitters that they can be and has demonstrated his passion for teaching on many occasions, encouraging my son and even attending games." (Father of Brent age 12)

If interested in lessons or if you have any questions, don't hesitate to call or email!

602-527-2998 or Evan@thecagesfacility.com